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What is a lift & slide door?

In modern architecture there is a real emphasis on maximising glass and maximising light. As such, whilst folding doors remain popular, there is a definite shift back towards sliding doors over recent times. (For an honest discussion of the pros and cons of sliding vs folding, please see our previous blog ‘Folding or Sliding Door’.) However, as architects design larger pieces of glass, we are now left with a more practical issue as to how the weight of that glass can be safely and comfortably moved for the average home owner. This is where a lift and slide door makes a world of difference. But what is a lift and slide door that we refer to so often? In simple terms, the sliding door has a small train carriage within the door. As you turn the handle, almost without you noticing, the door lifts itself up a few millimetres and the train carriage built into the door now mechanically assists you with the weight of the door. Now of course not all doors are made equally, but if you invest in a quality lift and slide door, you should be able to comfortably open and close your large pieces of glass easily and without causing yourself any injury! Lift and slide doors also have added benefits as a consequence of how they work. In summary these are: 1. The door can be lowered and fixed at any point along the track to provide ventilation. This is a real bonus which more typical sliding and folding doors cannot offer. Just imagine, you are cooking and just want to crack the door open a few millimetres to air the room out, a lift and slide door allows you to do this with a degree of security (as much as an open door can be secure of course). 2. Most lift and slide doors operate on compression seals. As the door lowers itself back into the track the more weather tight it becomes. As such, lift and slide doors generally are much more weather right and more suitable for extreme or exposed locations. 3. When the door is closed, lift and slide doors offer an extra layer of security. Although they do use a traditional key and cylinder, even if this was broken, you still have potentially many hundreds of kilos of glass lowered onto the track. This makes it much more difficult for a burglar to move the door, even if they manage to break the cylinder lock. 4. Despite all the extra design benefits you can still enjoy an extremely low threshold design minimising the step from inside to outside. This is especially useful for people who struggle with steps or wheelchair users. A lift and slide door is designed to enable you to have the wow factor of large glass, but to also give you and your family the comfort of moving it, making your doors much more enjoyable and family friendly to use.

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