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We understand it’s not everyday someone buys windows and doors, and let’s face it, they are more complicated than you initially think.


With so many companies out there all telling you different things, it’s hard to decipher what is and isn’t true. At Oakmont, our aim is to give you honest advice and focus on the best design solution for you. With a variety of products and factories we can choose from, we have the very unique advantage of being able to actually choose the right solution for you, rather than pushing the only product or factory we use.

If windows and doors aren't your thing and you’re not sure where to start, we are here to help. Whether you want to discuss the pros and cons of the different systems we have, or if you want to find ways to get your budget down whilst not compromising on quality, we are always full of ideas and happy to talk things through with you.

Due to our diverse range of products, we are able to offer everything to you in the same package. If you’re looking for all new windows for your home, with sliding doors out the back, a new front door, and some bifolds for your garden room, you can have them all specified, designed and supplied by one single company, taking all the stress away from you.

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We want your experience with Oakmont to be smooth, and for you to enjoy the process of ordering doors and windows from us. That’s why we have created an order process so you can keep track of where your project is at and what to expect next.


1.     When you decide to place your order with us, the first step is for us to start drawing your bespoke windows and doors in AutoCAD. This will allow you to get a feel for what your beautiful new doors and windows will look like and to check we have the specification you want. If anything needs changing on your drawings, just let us know, we can work with you to ensure the design is exactly how you imagined.


2.     Once you are happy with your drawings and they are correct, we will issue you a final set of construction issue drawings for you to approve for production. We will then get your windows and doors into production and it’s at this point your lead time begins.  


3.     When the factory has your order in their system, they will provide us with an estimated delivery date which we will forward onto you. It’s at this point you should book your chosen installer in so they know when to expect the arrival of your new windows and doors.


4.     In the week or so before your new windows and doors arrive on site, we will send you an invoice for the final balance on your products. Once this balance has been paid, we will coordinate the delivery of your products to you, ready to be installed on site.


5.     Once all of your windows and doors have been installed, why not show them off and send us some photos of the finished product. We love to know our customers are happy so any feedback or reviews on Google or Facebook are very much appreciated. We may even send you a bottle of wine to say thank you!


Windows and doors are one of the unique features in a home that can be seen both on the outside and on the inside of a home.


They not only impact the way your home looks on the outside, but the products you choose will also affect the look and feel of your interiors. 

As part of our order process, we not only draw your products in AutoCAD so you can visually get a feel for what they will look like, we have also teamed up with a local interior design company to help you choose the best colours and style for your new windows and doors. 


With every order, we offer a free 30 minute consultation with our interior designer over the phone or in our showroom. In this meeting you can discuss your ideas and ensure your windows and doors are perfect for your project. To book in for your consultation with our interior designer, fill out our contact form on our website or email us directly.

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