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Our Marconi windows are designed using engineered timber profiles that have been slow grown for high durability and stability. These timber windows can then be clad externally in aluminium to give you zero maintenance, which is perfect for every family home. 

Marconi are tilt and turn windows which allow you to go to large sizes and offer you secure ventilation, as well as the ability to clean the windows from the inside. These windows give you ultimate flexibility with choice. You can select the timber type, the shape of the timber and the shape of the aluminium, giving you something that is unique to your personal taste. These windows are also designed to match with our HS lift & slide doors, with matching hinged doors, to give you symmetry around your home.

Marconi can be supplied either double or triple glazed giving you great flexibility and ensuring it is suitable for even the highest levels of performance.

Thermax windows are the window of choice for architects and homeowners when looking for extremely high levels of performance. 

Each window is designed using a tilt and turn mechanism which allows you to design large opening windows, combined with the most secure of ventilation points. Thermax offers different profiles ranging from traditional to modern and even allows you to design hidden vents and hidden hinges (optional extra) to keep things simple and clean.

Thermax windows are only available in triple glazing, with the option to upgrade to Passiv levels. The Passiv upgrade adds a layer of insulation to the core of the window giving you U-values of 0.7.

Our Thermax timber windows also offer the option to clad the external side of the window in aluminium creating an aluclad window. This option gives you all the benefits of a timber window internally, with the low maintenance of the aluminium externally. This also allows you to have a different colour or finish on the interior and exterior at no extra cost.


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