Your choice of windows will be a defining part of your home. Not only should they look stunning, but they also determine the comfort of your home with the way they retain heat and keep noise out. With all of that in mind, please meet Lumis. Designed to offer a modern, slim design with unrivalled levels of performance.

Lumis windows combine the zero maintenance you associate with an aluminium window, with all the thermal properties of a timber window - it really is the best of both worlds. This key feature also gives you endless design options. Despite having aluminium externally, you can have Oak internally. Or if you prefer the look of aluminium, we can factory finish the timber to any colour of your choice, and once done, people assume it is an aluminium window. In fact, when people realise that such window offers the same design as aluminium but with much high level of performance, it is an easy decision to use Lumis over other aluminium systems.

Lumis is designed to be adaptable to suit your vision and your style. We really give you the tools to create a window to complement your home and to complement your personality. Combined with a full range of matching doors, Lumis has the ability to be used throughout your home to create symmetry and a cohesive design.

Key Features

o   Modern section Casement window

o   Aluminium powder coated to any RAL Colour

o   Different colour inside to outside at no extra cost

o   Option to have natural finish internally using Pine or Oak

o   Double glazed (U value 1.2 overall) or triple glazed (0.9 overall)

o   Choice of glazing (such as solar control, acoustic etc)

o   PAS24

o   Matching range of hinged and sliding doors

o   Bespoke sizes and designs