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JeTrae entrance doors are one of a kind. Made in Denmark, they are handcrafted and unique in design, with each door having a steel core built into them which is then clad in timber. This offers ultimate security and ensures you have a timber door designed to last for decades.

Due to the steel core, a JeTrae door can never warp or twist allowing them to be used in the most exposed locations with confidence. 

JeTrae doors come in a variety of timbers and finishes with the choice of a black or white steel core. JeTrae doors can be supplied in Oak, Mahogany and Freijo with an oil or painted finish. 

Whilst fully bespoke sizes are available, JeTrae also offer some standard sizes to reduce your cost and lead time. Their standard sizes are:

•    950 x 2050

•    950 x 2120

•    890 x 2090

•    990 x 2090


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