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HS lift and slide doors allow you to make the most of your views with large areas of glass while being able to move them around with complete ease. Each HS door is designed to incorporate a lift and slide mechanism. 

This mechanism allows the door to pick itself up slightly when the handle is turned, which takes a lot of the weight of the door for you, meaning you can effortlessly slide your door and stop it along the track to fix at any point. This lift and slide mechanism, not only helps with weight, but the design ensures they are the most weather tight doors money can buy and offer an extra layer of security.

We understand sliding doors should be the feature and as such all versions of our HS doors can be designed to incorporate glass and opening corners combined with huge areas of glass.

HS Aluclad doors take all of the benefits of the timber counterpart and add a layer of aluminium externally to vastly reduce any maintenance. This also allows you to have a different colour inside to outside at no extra cost.

Using the Aluclad option, we can also offer an extra design feature called Panorama. This takes the exact same lift and slide door, but uses a much slimmer profile for the fixed sections of the doors. This maximises the glass, and therefore light, but also often allows you to hide much of that framework.


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