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Although all of our windows and doors are bespoke, Hajom is that little bit extra special. Handcrafted in Sweden, every window and door is designed from the ground up to suit your project and requirements.

Every part of a Hajom door is designed to offer comfort, luxury and bring an unrivalled wow factor to every home. Hajom know each home is different and aim to make a solution to suit your own specific needs.

Each door is made using engineered timber and incorporates a lift and slide mechanism to keep them light to operate, allow them to be fixed at any point along the track and glide effortlessly like no other door. 

Hajom aluclad doors take all of the benefits of the timber version but adds aluminium cladding externally. This extra step allows you to therefore combine the beauty and performance of a Hajom timber door with the extra durable and protection of aluminium externally. Having an aluclad version also allows you to have a different finish inside to outside at no additional cost.

Over the last 100 years, Hajom have created a reputation as the finest timber doors money can buy and combine incredible engineering with fine details which make the doors feel special. Hajom is designed by architects, for architects.


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