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Although all of our windows and doors are bespoke, Hajom sliding doors are something extra special that are truly unique for your home. Hajom have been handcrafted in Sweden for over 100 years, crafting them to be the main feature in your home whilst also ensuring they last a lifetime.

Hajom sliding doors give you all of the benefits of a typical lift & slide door with added extras, making them not only practical but also beautiful. These sliding doors have been designed down to the smallest of details, making them architects first choice. Small details such as the way they design their gaskets makes them one of a kind. Rather than using a series of gaskets to create weather tightness, the timber is cut precisely, allowing the door by its own design to be weather tight. Even the way Hajom engineer their oak is different to other companies. Most companies buy their oak in pre-engineered which is normally engineered long ways. This saves waste and brings the cost down, but means the oak may start to move around due to it’s long length. Hajom engineer their own oak in their factory so they can engineer it in shorter lengths. This gives them great confidence their oak is built to last, regardless of the design or size due to its durability. These may seem like small and insignificant details, but the result is a door that slides with no resistance and one that looks more like a piece of furniture in your home than any other door.

If you’re wanting something that extra bit special, that is beautifully designed and built to stand the test of time, Hajom is the sliding door for you. It is certainly not the cheapest sliding door we offer, but it is without doubt the wow factor to every home.

Key Features

o   Fingerjointed Sapeli thresholds on every door for durability

o   Triple glazed as standard

o   Matching doors and windows

o   Passiv

o   Available in Pine or Oak

o   Timber or Aluclad

o   Handcrafted

o   Many colour and finish options available