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Combi Aluclad windows take all of the benefits of the Combi Timber window but with the added advantage of the external side being clad in aluminium to offer even higher levels of durability and to reduce the need for maintenance even further still.


The aluminium cladding also allows you the option to have a different colour inside to outside at no additional cost. We should also highlight the design of the trickle vents on both the timber and aluclad options. The trickle vent is entirely concealed externally and discreetly tucked away inside meaning the requirement for trickle vents doesn’t have to impact the design and final look of your windows.


Key Features

o   Double or triple glazed

o   Zero maintenance

o   Engineered timber profiles

o   Concealed trickle vents

o   Finished to any RAL colour externally

o   Choice of stain finishes internally or finished to any RAL colour

o   Easy clean hinges

o   Concealed hinges

o   Classic or modern timber styles


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