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Tilt & turn windows are a great choice for any home as they can go to large sizes, they give you the ability clean your windows from the inside, as well as safe ventilation without the worry of people being able to fall out.

Uniform tilt & turn windows give you the freedom to create a window that is personalised to your wants and needs. Within the tilt & turn range, you have a choice of 6 profiles, some more modern and some more traditional. You can then choose from a range of unique silk finish internally, which give you the perfect timber every time and are scratch resistant, which is perfect for those families with children or pets. You even have the choice of Oak internally at no additional cost.

Uniform products are all aluclad, meaning they are timber at heart and then clad in aluminium externally. This gives you the thermal performance of a timber window with the zero maintenance of aluminium. Available in double or triple glazing, Uniform tilt & turn windows can reach Passiv levels with no issue. These windows are also excellent when it comes to security with Secure by Design certification.

A new addition to this range of tilt & turn windows is the ability to build a balustrade into your window for a Juliet balcony, rather than bolting a balustrade onto the outside of your building afterwards. This gives you a detail that is simple and neat, is less hassle for you as it is all made as one from one supplier, and works out cheaper.

Key Features:

o   Aluclad windows – excellent thermal performance with zero maintenance of aluminium

o   Welded aluminium joints to give you seamless aluminium

o   6 profiles to choose from

o   Double or triple glazed

o   Built in balustrades

o   Oak internally at no additional cost

o   Scratch resistant internal finishes

o   Secure by Design

o   Matching doors

o   Secure ventilation

o   Cleanable from the inside