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Reynaers CP sliding doors allow you to enjoy large spans of glass with the ability slide them open with ease. Designed using thermally broken aluminium profiles, CP sliding doors give you ultimate flexibility with design, allow you to create opening corners as well as glass to glass corners and are zero maintenance for life.

What is the difference between the CP130 and the CP155? The CP155 is the big brother version of the CP130, allowing you to go to even bigger sizes and get lower U-values if needed.

Our CP sliding doors are built with a lifting function which assists you with the weight of the door. When you turn the handle to open the door, the door lifts itself up ever so slightly and takes the weight, which allows you to slide your door open with ease. This lifting function allows you to fix the door open at any point along the track, giving you secure ventilation. This mechanism also makes these doors more secure and more weather tight than your typical sliding door; they really are win win.

Key Features:

o   Lift and slide function

o   Thermally broken aluminium

o   PAS24

o   Double or triple glazed

o   Trickle vents

o   Available in acoustic glazing

o   Factory finished to your choice of RAL colour