If you’re wanting low maintenance UPVC windows but are wanting more of a modern look, flush casement UPVC windows are the way to go.

Flush casement windows do what they say on the tin. When the window is closed, there is no overhanging lip outside making them completely flush. This gives them a modern look as well as the great thermal properties that come with UPVC windows.

Our flush casement UPVC windows have a range of matching doors to give you symmetry around your home, and with the many colour and handle options, you really can create glazing that is unique to you.

Key Features

o   Flush casement to give you a modern look

o   Woodgrain finishes available

o   Double or triple glazed

o   Trickle vents

o   Glazing bars

o   Bay windows

o   Traditional ironmongery options

o   High energy and weather performance

o   Low maintenance

o   Matching doors